Welcome in our paradise

Ayur Garden means the garden of life. A family & friends enterprise with the goal to increase the health and happiness of our visitors and customers.

We have several ways to do this and we wish you to find your way.

In 2005 we bought an estate with a guesthouse just under the castle in Lanckorona. Inside we managed to renovate most of it and has become a popular holiday destination for many people from all over the world. You can find the details of our offer on www.lesnyogrod.com

When the weather is nice, we serve delicious meals and snacks from our cafe with beautiful sight on the hills and natural music from the birds.

Another service which we provide on our place is ayur vedic massages. The massage has a healthy and rejunavating effect on mind and body. for details about the massage you can contact us and make an appointment.

A developing part of our business are ayur Vedic supplements and herbal oils for the massage. On top of that we have a very nice line of shampoos and hair products. If you are interested in our products or working together, please contact us.

To help young and accomplished artist to expose their work, we have made our main room into an art gallery where you find surprising works from Poland and abroad. Please visit us or if you want to expose as an artist contact us.

For corporate leaders and managers we have coaching programmes in collaboration with Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder centered coaching. for details go to franciscusvandelogt.com

We are also connected with Sri Babaji, he great yogin from the Himalayas with his teaching of truth simplicity and love. babaji.pl

We hope you found something nice for you.

Renata & Franciscus van de Logt